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Cryptocurrencies and taxes

HoW to do it well?

Bitcoin has just made a new ATH (the highest value of all time). This is a great reason to talk about the tax on profit from crypto.

Even though it has been already 13 years (sic!) since the concept of cryptocurrencies was developed, the governments of most of the countries still have not implemented any specific legislation towards defining crypto assets, not even mentioning tax regulations.

Estonia introducing Digital Nomad Visa


The Estonian parliament adopted on 3 June amendments to the Aliens Act, allowing for the creation of a digital nomad visa. The visa would give the right to digital entrepreneurs and workers, who temporarily want to live in Estonia, to reside there for one year (log-term visa), being at the same time entitled to a Schengen visa which allows them to visit member countries for up to 90 days.

Are you an IT specialist? Congrats, not only because you provide one of the most desired services in the world…. Your business can be set up anywhere in the world and you, personally can be working (and maybe living) anywhere you want, as long as there is a good Internet connection. Programmers, web developers are just perfect remote professions.

City Hall

#StayHome and set up your business


Is it possible to setup a company online and operate if fully remotely?

The answer is YES, but as always…it depends on many factors. Let us show you some examples of business incorporation in some of our favourite jurisdictions.

We will be very honest, the current situation inspired us to write more about remote working.

Before, it seemed to be a privilege of a small group of people or those from our environment: friends, clients, partners. But all of the sudden, this type of work became necessity for millions of people all over the world.

Choosing a jurisdiction offering low or no taxation and some flexible rules might be sometimes tricky. There are many things to be taken into considerations, such as: the business activity of the company, tax residency of the owner of the company, anti-avoidance rules, substance requirements, tax risks, etc.

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The Bank

Bank of England warns of one in three chance of Brexit recession

Britain has a one in three chance of plunging into recession at the start of next year as the heightened uncertainty over Brexit drags down the economy, the Bank of England has warned.

Where to establish a taxwise business – a short guidance

Bank of England cuts UK growth forecast

It also warned that a no-deal Brexit would hit the economy and trigger a further drop in the value of the pound. The Bank left interest rates unchanged at 0.75% against a backdrop of weaker global growth and ongoing trade tensions between the US and China.