Real wealth starts with freedom.​

We may risk the statement that nowadays a real wealth is not about money.

At CDX TRUST, we are great supporters of freedom in many aspects of life:
freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of movement and last but not least: financial freedom.
We believe that One’s freedom is a supreme value in life and a secret to happiness.
At the same time the secret to freedom is courage, spiced with a solid doze of knowledge.

Here we share with you the most useful information, news and our thoughts.

Estonia introducing Digital Nomad Visa


The Estonian parliament adopted on 3 June amendments to the Aliens Act, allowing for the creation of a digital nomad visa. The visa would give the right to digital entrepreneurs and workers, who temporarily want to live in Estonia, to reside there for one year (log-term visa), being at the same time entitled to a Schengen visa which allows them to visit member countries for up to 90 days.

Are you an IT specialist? Congrats, not only because you provide one of the most desired services in the world…. Your business can be set up anywhere in the world and you, personally can be working (and maybe living) anywhere you want, as long as there is a good Internet connection. Programmers, web developers are just perfect remote professions.

City Hall

#StayHome and set up your business


Is it possible to setup a company online and operate if fully remotely?

The answer is YES, but as always…it depends on many factors. Let us show you some examples of business incorporation in some of our favourite jurisdictions.


CDX TRUST assists internationals, expats, digital nomads and freelances, but not only. We usually cooperate with people who are keen to explore new opportunities and do not limit themselves to their origins or nationality.

Having experience in international tax planning, corporate law and start-ups, we decided to create a firm with a personal approach to our clients, who are global citizens that we meet in our everyday life.

Founding CDX TRUST, we wanted to focus more on individuals – to help them to choose the best jurisdiction for their residency and most efficient formulas for running their business activities.


Personal tax planning and residency solutions are key areas of our activity.
Choosing the right jurisdictions for personal residency is the key aspect to be considered and is also important when choosing a residency for your business.​

For individuals

CDX assists individuals with such services as:

• Re-location and change of tax residency
• Immigration services
• Obtaining residency or naturalisation by investment
• Interpretation of double tax treaties and residency of individuals and their businesses
• Personal taxation services
• Opening of a personal bank accounts
• Advisory on investment, especially real estate

For business

CDX can help business owners with:

• Legal and tax advice
• Registration of companies in different jurisdictions
• Analysis of Double Tax Treaties
• Opening of corporate bank accounts
• Fiduciary and corporate management
• Administration &Accounting services


Cyprus, Georgia and Estonia are our favourite destinations,
however we can assist with establishing a residency or an entity
in various locations. Feel free to ask!


Cyprus attracts both business and individuals, as comparing to other EU countries, it offers a unique work life balance with a great Mediterranean lifestyle.

In the recent years Cyprus became and international business centre, where many expats found their place to live and digital nomads a great base to stay, thanks to very attractive residency rules.

Cyprus is still chosen by entrepreneurs for companies structuring, tax planning, trading and fund management, which are strongly established sectors due to attractive fiscal regime.

Connect 60-day rule and the non-dom regime and you can have your base in sunny Cyprus, travel around the world and pay zero tax on dividends, legally.


Land of contrast, at the crossroad of East and West, with growing community of expats traveling through or even staying there for long term.

Thanks to very beneficial tax regimes for entrepreneurs, also for crypto enthusiast, Georgia has its time now!

Tbilisi is a new hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers. The country is appreciated for low cost of living, fast internet, banking solutions, great nature, good infrastructure and fantastic food and wine.

Especially good for start-ups (no tax if you do not distribute profits) and IT companies (zero tax).

And one more thing: profit from trading cryptos is tax free!


Estonia, the northernmost of Baltic states, being culturally and spiritually closely tied with Scandinavia is a member of the EU and Schengen. A country with a population of about 1.3 million people has in few years shifted into adigitally advanced society.

With its attractive tax regime (no corporate income tax until profit distribution) and its e-residency, which allows everyone to start and manage a company online, Estonia has become an attractive place for establishing a business. As a result, Estonia has the most startups per capita in the world, of which some have already become unicorn companies (> $1bn).

Estonia was also one of the first countries to regulate cryptocurrency trading activities.

New jurisdictions are going to be introduced very soon, stay tuned!

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Under the abbreviation CDX, the world codex is hidden. But we do not necessarily mean a codex as a book of laws, we believe more in a moral CoDeX and for each person it can be defined differently. However, in our codex Freedom is always a supreme value, together with Courage and Knowledge.

Jowita Jablonska

Managing Partner

Based in Cyprus, but you can also meet her in Poland or Georgia.

After graduating as Master of Laws in Poland, she was supposed to become a lawyer-linguist at EU institutions.

Finally, after the Luxembourg experience, Jowita decided to continue to develop in more corporate-oriented field and to stay in Cyprus, where admittedly the sun and the seaside lifestyle make doing business even more pleasurable.

Experience gained at IBCCS TAX when assisting in legal matters, involvement in setting up companies in various jurisdictions, as well as their daily management helped her with good understanding of needs of international clients.

Cezary Zieniuk

Managing partner

Based in Cyprus, but you can also meet him in Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia.

Straight after graduating Financial Management from WSB-NLU, Poland and National Louis University in Chicago, Cezary has started his professional career in international tax and corporate management in Cyprus.

After working in fiduciary, accounting, audit and tax firms for few years, in 2014 he established IBCCS TAX, an international tax consultancy firm.

As an international tax adviser and managing director of the firm, setting up various tax structures for clients, he gained a practical knowledge and experience that are crucial when
advising entrepreneurs at CDX TRUST.

Irakli Arjevanidze


Our man in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Irakli is a graduate of Commerce and International Marketing at Tbilisi State University and MBA at European University Cyprus.

After his experience abroad, he came back to Georgia and established agribusiness focusing on almonds cropping and processing. Having more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a member of the Techno Hub of Georgia, he is couching and advising new start-ups.

In March 2018 he established a branch of IBCCS TAX in Tbilisi, helping international entrepreneurs to structure their businesses through Georgia and other jurisdictions.

Taavi Tammoja


Our man in Tallinn, Estonia.

Taavi has an accounting degree from the Tallinn School of Economics and is in the middle of obtaining ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certification.

He has gained experience in managing an investment portfolio, is a BFAA (Baltic Financial Advisors Association) licensed investment adviser and an ACSI (Associate member) of Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He has served as a mentor for award-winning startups and has helped companies to upscale their business models.

Having previously worked in accounting and audit firms as well as in a bank, he co-founded IBCCS TAX Estonia, an international tax consultancy firm which was granted with license to offer fiduciary services in Estonia.


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